Basic Page Promotion

It is important to have a Facebook page for your business, we all know that.  This is not enough, though.  You also need to have quality content for those who like your page – this can not be overstated, content is important!   On top of that, though,  you need to know the basics of  promoting your page.  So to start out, along the left side of your business page is an icon that says Promote Page.  Click on it. There you will find several options, the first is location.  Make sure you select the appropriate location.  If you only provide services to a specific locale you do not want someone’s friend from 200 miles away seeing your ad – that would be a waste of your marketing dollars.



Next,  look at the interests, age, and gender.  You know what your target market is, so you need to customize this even further so your ad reaches the right people.  A boutique, for instance,  should probably limit the ad to women.  Depending on the things they sell, they may limit the age to a specific range.  A service company, on the other hand,  may target business owners so would  leave the gender setting at all.



Then you have to set the budget – how much do you want to spend?  The  default on our Facebook ad was $5 a day.  You can run it for a few days or run it continuously.  My recommendation is to see what kind of return you get on a small number of days (say 7 days) before setting up a continuous ad.  $5 a day doesn’t sound like a lot but that adds up to almost $2,000 a year which is a lot of money for many small businesses.  You should look at the number of estimated likes the promotion will get,  and then determine what your number is.  Maybe you want to get one new like per dollar spent or maybe you want two likes per dollar spent.  Write this number down before you begin your promotion.  After the ad runs out, review all the numbers to see if it meets your expectation.



This will give you an idea of what to expect from a facebook promotion, and if this is a good investment for your business or not.


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