Tell Us What You’re all About!

One thing people often overlook is the Facebook “About” tab.  Having an incomplete profile can present a very unprofessional look, and be very frustrating to consumers.  When potential customers click on the About tab and  find no information, they will search another company that does.  It is just too easy now to find what you want, and consumers demand instant gratification.   So if your Facebook page is being explored, you need to make sure it is ready!  You must have your contact information – phone number, email, and website.  It is also a great place to tell your story – why you started this businesses or some other story about you that makes it personal.



Additionally,  you may want to list your specific strengths. This reinforces your profile even more by assuring customers that you are the right business for their needs.

Do you have other social media accounts?  List them on this page too so customers can connect with you through the social media sites they use.


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