What About LinkedIn?

Is LinkedIn worth it?

I have had a few people ask me that very question over the past few weeks.  The answer is………….yes, of course!

There are so many business owners missing out on opportunities because they do not have a LinkedIn profile or,  if they do,  it is incomplete.   Recently, I was looking at a client’s LinkedIn page, and there was basically no information about what they did or the expertise they have.  I recommended that they review it, and the profiles of their employees,  and update them.


How do I know it is worth it?

Maybe three years ago I added some information to my profile.  I listed specific software that I have extensive experience with.  It had been on my profile for a few months when I was contacted by the company that makes one of these software packages.  He asked me quite a few questions and we discussed my knowledge, what I had done, the clients we supported together, and even the support staff in the business.  It was the first time I really understood the benefit of the site.  Other business owners and employees are looking for people.  Now he is able to recommend my services or use me as a reference for the sale of his software.


Now this type of engagement is not typical for me.  Most engagement will be email or messages on the LinkedIn site but if I had not listed their software then he would not have known about my knowledge and we would not have been able to connect.

So jump in – create or update your profile and start making connections!

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