Increase The Reach

Facebook is continually changing how it displays posts to other people.  If they showed every post from your friends, groups, and pages you would be overwhelmed with too many.  As an individual,  this means that Facebook has learned what you like.  It now will show you more of what you want to see,  and less of what you don’t.  As an organization, this is a disadvantage as it reduces the number of people who see your information – not everyone who likes your page or group will see what you post.  So what can you do to increase your reach?

The first thing you want to do is make sure the content you are posting is valuable to the people who like your page.  The more valuable the information is,  the more likely they are to “like” or “share” the post with others.  As posts get more likes and shares, Facebook will naturally begin to share it with more people.

Next,  you want to make sure that you get the core group from your organization to share it on their personal pages.  This will allow more groups of people to be exposed to the post. Personally, I  recommend doing this over several hours and not all at once.  If you post the original article at 10am,  then have the other people sporadically share it throughout the day.  Here are a couple of examples:



The post with 574 people reached was shared out from the page in recommended manner.  The post that reached 7 was shared out a different way.  The post that reached 7 actually had a higher reach rate, but was not able to be tracked.  Unfortunately, each person shared it from other individual pages,  and not as a share from the original page.



So let’s recap!  You are going  to post things of value, and then have people inside your organization share and like the posts from the page.  Lastly, you can always ask for a share or a like on the post – it never hurts to ask!


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